New Year! New Logo! New Site!

2014 is a year of change for us. We've updated the look of our logo, which was originally designed by our good friend and business partner at the time of our founding, Scott Erwert. We're also in the thick of the grueling and intensely exciting process of redesigning our website. Our focus with the new site is our array of services, showcasing more interior layout design work, book trailers, and a host of offerings for both indie pubs and mainstream houses. The new site will launch in early May, 2014. So look out for it!

Her is the logo modification. We've simplified the original mark and modernized the color scheme and font (Archer). The site will follow suit with these new colors. We'll start posting some screen shots of the new site as it gets closer to launch day. So look out!


A Calculated Life Book Trailer

A fun little fan trailer we created for A Calculated Life which we designed the cover for. You can buy the novel on Amazon and learn more about the author, Anna Charnock on her website.


We had 2 projects selected for this year's (2013) PRINT magazine's Regional Design Annual.

Faceout Books Interview!

As book cover designers we have all at one point or other come upon FaceOut Books blog, featuring the work of the best of the best in the world of book cover design. Over the years, getting featured on FaceOut Books has become sort of a "feather in the hat" in the in the world of book cover design. Who hasn't wanted to have their work featured along side this list of greats?

So when Emily Weigel of FaceOut Studios contacted us about doing a post on our golden egg project (limited edition Sherlock and Jane Austen sets), we nearly lost it! Read on and get a glimps into the workings of a two man studio that could...

Click on image to be taken to the post!


Discovering Aberration Cover Reveal

Author S.C. Barrus posted an excited cover reveal of his new book Discovering Abberation on his blog. It's a very exciting time in an authors life to see their book take final form as a finished piece of work ready for the masses. We were equally happy with the final results on this one. Read more about the novel here.



The evolution of NYX

A nice blog post by an author we recently finished doing a cover for:

We are rather pleased with the end result and were happy to see that the author posted this write-up about the process he went through with us.

Quoted Quarterly Podcast>Episode 17>Briar Levit

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Hey, look! We have a Facebook page. Join the dozens of people that already “like” it.

In this episode Andrew and Ian have a conversation with book designer Briar Levit. Briar is an assistant professor in Portland State University’s graphic design program. She is art director for Bitch Magazine and, she is a freelance publication designer.

Quoted Quarterly Podcast>Episode 16>Ingrid Paulson

Hey, look! We have a Facebook page. Join the dozens of people that already “like” it.

In this episode Andrew and Ian have a conversation with book designer Ingrid Paulson. She talks about her start in book design, top-secret production on Harry Potter books, the design community in Toronto, and more.

Check out this stuff:

Ingrid was filmed by the Quill & Quire, talking about the book design of  Heaven is Small. In our own talk she discusses creating a new paperback version of a hardback design, so this book is a good example of that.

Inrid contributed to a New York Times piece, “Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012″.

Andrew mentions a gallery that licenses TV and movies for art. It’s Gallery 1988.

P.S. Please forgive the microphone problems. The audio for Ingrid and Ian is good, but Andrew is afraid he sounds like he’s trapped in an old coffee can on the crumbling floor of an abandoned mine.

Quoted Quarterly Podcast>Episode 15>Vacation Response

In this episode book designers Andrew and Ian catch up on their respective autumn vacations. Andrew gets self-conscious about his public image in New York. Ian is still relaxed from his trip to Mexico.

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And look! We have a new Facebook page. Join the dozen of people that already "like" it.

Stuff mentioned in this episode:
Jacqui Oakley illustrated Ian's recently designed box sets of Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books.

"Author Promoting Book Gives It Her All Whether It's Just 3 People Or A Crowd Of 9 People" on The Onion.

This is a pretty accurate representation of Andrew's author event last month. Well, at least somebody likes Andrew's book.

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